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1776 Senior Care provides up to 24 hour care for your favorite senior. We make it easy to make a personalized senior care plan. Just fill out the form below to get your guide to paying for your care and to talk with one of our specialists.

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senior home care

Senior Home Care You Can Trust

We’re a local senior home care agency specializing in dementia care, alzheimer’s care, hospice care, companion care and more.

dementia care

Dementia Care

We provide personalized in-home care for seniors with dementia. We understand the challenges associated with dementia care and will create a custom care plan to maximize quality of life.

alzheimer's care

Alzheimer's Care

Our Alzheimer's care program allows your loved one to keep the independence of living at home while also providing care in a familiar environment.

home care

Home Care

Your elderly loved one deserves the best in senior care and our in-home care services allow them to remain independent while helping with everyday tasks.

hospice care

Hospice Care

Hospice care provides medical services, emotional support, and spiritual resources for people in the last stages of a serious illness, and can help seniors live longer by focusing on quality of life.

respite care

Respite Care

Caring for someone in the later stages of their life a very caring and generous labor of love, but what happens when you need a break? Let 1776's respite care program provide you some relief.

palliative care

Palliative Care

We provide palliative care for seniors suffering from serious illnesses. We'll help improve the quality of life of both your loved one and yourself during a difficult time.

companion care

Companion Care

Our companion care includes basic meal preparation, light housekeeping, help with daily tasks and the companionship your loved one needs to improve their quality of life.

transitional care

Transitional Care

Transitioning from a health care facility back to home can be tough on seniors. We work to help make the transition back home as smooth as possible while helping your loved one with everyday tasks.

Truly Comprehensive Senior Care Services

We offer the best of senior home care with a variety of in-home services. Our comprehensive senior home care services include:

  • Companionship
  • Meal Preparation
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Errands
  • Laundry
  • Bathing
  • Grooming
  • Hygiene
  • Toileting
  • Mobility
  • Transfers
  • Positioning
  • Feeding
  • Medication Reminders
  • Special Diet Needs
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About Our Senior Caregivers

Our senior caregivers are thoroughly screened and vetted to be the best of the best. Only about 1% of all those caregivers we interview become 1776 Caregivers.

So while we’re exceptionally warm in a lot of other areas, our interview process is tough – which our clients very much appreciate.

After all, to be a part of the 1776 team and deliver senior care that meets or exceeds all industry standards, it takes a special kind of person who is committed to developing a true friendship with your parent so that they feel just like family.

Local Senior Care and Caregivers

All of our caregivers at 1776 are based in DuPage County, which helps you rest easy knowing your loved one’s caregiver is always close by, 24/7. In fact, fantastic proximity to your parent is only the beginning and it’s not just about maintaining a high quality of care in doing so. It’s about the importance of social wellness too.

Since our caregivers grew up here, they bring knowledge of all the local programs and places to go to enrich the social aspect of your loved one’s life, based on what they love to do most. Having that knowledge built-in with every caregiver we have makes for a big difference from someone who just works here. Real interaction outside of the living space matters. And we intend to make sure that’s always a regular element of your parent’s life.

To make sure our senior caregivers are the best of the best, we do:

  • Reference checks, background checks, drug tests and license / certification verification
  • Regular quality audits on all caregivers by Care Managers
  • Ongoing caregiver training
  • Instant Care Alerts to notify management if a caregiver doesn’t report in
  • Payroll reporting and compliance paperwork 100% handled by 1776 Senior Care

Find a Senior Caregiver Near You

We offer senior home care services throughout the Chicago suburbs and DuPage County including the following cities and towns:

View all of our service areas.


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