Five Benefits Of A Social Life For Seniors

The goal to  do the things we enjoy and have a social life is often associated with the phrase “some day.” As we age our daily schedules become a continual list of things to accomplish. Social activities often get placed at the bottom of the list or reserved for the time when we are older and life is less hectic. After all, becoming a senior means we reached the golden years and that’s what the golden years are all about. A healthy social life for seniors has many benefits, including helping with recovery from illness and helping with depression.

elderly social life

For many, the golden years include a new dedication to maintaining good health and this can challenge both time and finances. Old habits of putting things off continue until it becomes necessary to create new habits that support a healthy lifestyle.

Living your best life possible requires a commitment to a healthy diet, daily exercise, and a quality social life. Paying extra attention to your social life can incorporate all three areas and help to create good routines while enjoying other unexpected benefits.

The key to making a social life a priority is to recognize that it is essential to one’s mind, body, and spirit. The following five benefits show that seniors can manage an active social life while taking care of the challenges faced with aging.

Develops Healthy Habits

Studies concerning the well-being of seniors overwhelmingly show a positive connection between an active social life and good health. Loneliness is negatively linked to conditions that affect our physical condition. Making a daily commitment to visit a loved one in person or over the phone is key to combat loneliness.

Staying physically active is an easy way to improve one’s health and social life. Many communities offer fitness opportunities uniquely designed for seniors. Daily walks near one’s home creates the opportunity to stay in touch with neighbors and make new friends. Overall, a commitment to physical fitness is easier to keep when the goal is shared with another.

Exercise is a great way to stay fit and stay social. However, going to a fitness class or talking a walk may not be the solution for everyone. Healthy activities have a variety of options that include social interaction; such as gardening, day trips, or dancing. A local community center will have a list of opportunities.

Developing healthy habits always include making wise choices regarding one’s diet. A goal of eating healthy is another great way to create quality social excursions. Planning meals with friends and loved ones benefits everyone at the table.

Learning New Things Stimulates The Mind

An active social life often includes sharpening old skills or learning new things. Seniors enjoy gathering with friends to play games. Sometimes it’s the weekly card game that has been on the calendar for years and other times it’s the newest board game. This interaction is fun and healthy for the mind.

Hobbies are often part of one’s social life as well as being good for one’s health. Some hobbies are group related and others are suited for individual participation. Hobbies benefit one’s state of mind by participating in something that brings enjoyment resulting in happiness. Happiness is one of the best things to share with friends and loved ones.

Today’s most popular social trend involves technology. Seniors get many benefits by adapting new technology into their social lives. Learning to navigate through the digital world keeps one connected to their community, family, friends, and new information. Staying connected overcomes the sense of isolation.

Builds Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is essential to healthy living. It keeps the focus on good things ahead while overcoming life’s difficulties. Isolation tends to set in when one begins to lose a sense of value, which is often associated with aging.

An active social life helps to take one’s mind off of daily concerns and reinforces optimistic thinking. Connecting with others in similar situations has many benefits; most noticeably, it brings knowledge that alleviates a worried mind. A peaceful mind is the best way to keep the positive thoughts that build motivation and self-confidence.

Helps Others

Making new friends is a part of one’s social life that makes life better for others. Many social events bring a new person to the group and being the new kid on the block is just as scary at the age of 70 as it is at the age of 7. Kind gestures of reaching out to new faces and starting up a conversation are the steps to new friendships and new experiences.

Another way to have a great social life and help others is to volunteer with a friend. Check out the many opportunities with local non-profit organizations or research online with Senior Corps. Getting involved is a social activity designed to reach a variety of interests and skills: visiting an isolated elderly neighbor, tutoring a child, fostering a pet, or teaching a class are among the many opportunities available.

Gives Comfort To Family And Loved Ones

A benefit often overlooked is one that extends to family members and loved ones. Strong and consistent engagement with family and loved ones provides up-to-date knowledge with important circumstances regarding one’s health. These conversations produce the benefit of working together as a support team.

Staying connected with loved ones also provides comfort when they learn of the social activities filling one’s calendar. Visits will include conversations about new experiences. Loved ones will know that quality moments are included with the daily challenges aging brings. They will see the positive difference daily activities create.

This comfort will ease the concerns and benefit the relationships shared with loved ones; often times increasing the moments when conversations are filled with happy experiences along with health updates.

“Some Day” Is Today

A social life is so much more than keeping busy. Staying social is a key ingredient to a healthy lifestyle.  No matter what your age, one’s social calendar should include time for exercise, good food, good friends, new adventures, and a few new lessons. Make these items a habit so that nothing gets in the way of the benefits received.

Many opportunities exist to build a social life that is uniquely enjoyable to each individual. However, the benefits of a satisfying social life are the same for everyone. Along with benefits to your health; building a social life is planning moments of fun.

Today’s list of things to do starts with social activities, includes helping others, making healthy choices, and ends with fun.

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